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Forum Code of Conduct

Conduct Standards


Behaviors that will not be tolerated in the forum:

-Abuse, including foul language




-Personal attacks








-Sexually explicit posts


-Homophobic Hate Speech


-Ban dodgers / suspended members








-Bumping multiple old threads (a form of flooding)




-Links to self-promote or drive traffic away from Net Cast


-The use of offensive names or nicknames






-Re-posting a previously deleted thread or post


-Instructions for illegal or otherwise harmful activities


-Links to pornography, pirated software and/or computer games, copyrighted material or other counterfeit goods


-Content that infringes any patent or trademark rights


-Collection or distribution of personal data concerning other members with personally identifiable information about another persons that is published without their express consent


-Impersonation of another person, whether a friend, family member, celebrity, NET CAST team member etc.


-Chain letters, money making or pyramid schemes. Do not advertise business opportunities.


-Organization of raffles, lotteries or quizzes which involve the taking of money.  


-Advertising products or services outside of NET CAST store or something not directly related to a thread 


-Advertising job vacancies, personal business information, or any unrelated link to outside entity.


-Offensive images 


-Members should not act in any way to disrupt the flow of an ongoing discussion.


-If a member does not wish to participate in an ongoing discussion or wishes to discuss a non-related topic, they are requested to begin another thread or go to a different forum.

Your Responsibilities


-You may be held legally accountable for what you say or do online.

-In particular, you may be held liable for any defamatory comments, threats and untrue statements or other illegal or fraudulent claims made by you.

-Your profile name(s) must not include words that are racist, profane, crude or otherwise offensive.

-You may be held accountable for any breach of the rights of a third party if you have not obtained their prior consent to the use of their property.

-You agree and warrant that you will comply with the terms imposed by the owner of any intellectual property rights as may exist in all software and information you access or post and to indemnify NET CAST against any action or cost suffered or incurred by NET CAST or its host Mark L. Hatfield as a result of a breach by you of this term.



-NET CAST does not undertake to monitor every communication or the conduct of every member of NET CAST Forum.


-We operate a notice and take down policy known as reactive moderation.


-While we will do our best to monitor activity, this is not a guarantee that all misconduct will be caught.


-Please report any inappropriate behavior by contacting the host directly. 


-NET CAST will use best endeavors to promptly remove content which is reported as being in breach of this Code of conduct or the Terms and conditions, but cannot guarantee to do so.


-NET CAST does not endorse any specified opinions expressed by members of NET CAST Forum.


-NET CAST reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove material at any time.


-NET CAST consists of information posted by third parties. As a result, NET CAST accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice, information or data posted online or any responsibility for the consequences of your acting in reliance on such information.


-If you fail to observe either these rules or NET CAST established Terms and Conditions at any time, NET CAST and its host reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude you (either temporarily or permanently) from any part of the NET CAST Forum, depending on the nature and severity of your breach.


-NET CAST may release information about you (both present and past) to the relevant authorities where NET CAST believes that you have breached the rules or have used this forum setting to commit unlawful acts.


-We also reserve the right to disclose your personal information where required to do so by law and where we deem it appropriate in response to complaints of a substantial nature.

-Please note: Threads or posts may be deleted and members may be banned at the sole discretion of NET CAST without notice.

Vision Statement

-Members of Net Cast Forum are to be considerate, motivated by love and not hate, and they must respect one another.


-Because our members are considerate, loving, and respectful, they do not make overly provocative posts, posts which seek to annoy or cause disruption, or posts which personally attack other members out of anger and frustration.

-Our members desire to contribute in a positive and loving manner so that Net Cast Forum will display the love of God.

-Our rules were established for the benefit of both our membership and Net Cast as a whole.

-While the list of rules are extensive, they are not in place to stifle conversation, but to rather promote healthy dialogue among a great group of members at Net Cast.



-By using Net Cast Forum, you acknowledge your acceptance and understanding of these rules. These rules apply to all communications made on this site, including comments on blog posts, reviews, audio recordings, and any other means of interaction with the host and other members.

-Noncompliance with these rules may result in posts which are edited or deleted, and accounts notified with warnings, infractions or bans.

-Net Cast Forum reserves the right in its sole discretion, to modify these rules without notice or warning. It is your responsibility to review these rules regularly and ensure your compliance with them.

-Net Cast Forum reserves the right to edit, remove, move or close any thread when deemed necessary.


-The content of all posted links must comply with Net Cast Forum rules. 

-Those who do not adhere to the Christian faith are welcome as members and participants in discussions, but you are required to respect the beliefs of Christianity, even if you do not share or practice them.

-You must be 18 years of age to join Net Cast forum or have parental consent. We do not have an age verification system, but if it is discovered that you are underage and have not provided us with some form of consent from your parent/guardian, your membership will be denied until this proof of consent is provided.

-Only 1 account per member is permitted. No socks are allowed. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the host through the contact link in the main menu.

-Net Cast Forum, its host, and moderators will not be held responsible for any advice given or posts made on this site. All advice given or posts made reflect the views and opinions of the poster.

-There are specific topics that must be addressed merely as a discussion from a biblical perspective and should not be promoted as appropriate activities to engage in.



-Do not promote same-sex marriage as the Bible is clear about a male and female union only in marriage.


Do not encourage the use of drugs and alcohol or any illegal abuse of a substance for recreational purposes 


-Do no speak of abortion views that are pro-choice as we believe in the sanctity of life and are pro-life. 


-Do not address adultery as an acceptable practice as any relationship that is extramarital is immoral.


-Do not give hearty approval to premarital sex or fornication as acceptable, as these are sins in God's eyes. 


-Do not profess acceptance of sinful sexual preferences (bi, transsexual, transgender, etc.) 


Do not suggest worshiping Satan or imply that others should practice any religion that blasphemes our God. 


Do not offer promotion of and or attempt to start proselyting for other world religions outside of Christianity. 


Do not attempt to provide professional medical, legal, financial advise, or counseling with defined courses of action. 


Do not enter a thread speaking of modern day exorcisms, personal miraculous healing ability, or prophetic utterances.


Do not teach other doctrine or teachings that are not found in God's revealed word. While healthy debate can be had without a violation of this line item, we must make certain that we are in harmony with God's will. 


While many of these can be discussed from a biblical lens or Christian worldview, anything contradicting the plain teaching of the word of God will be removed and after a first warning, will cause one to lose membership access to the Net Cast forum and website membership in general.  

Should you ever have a doubt or question about a post, before uploading the thread, post, or comments, ask if you have permission to share it and we can approve or explain why it is in poor taste to do so in Net Cast Forum.

Thank you for honoring these guidelines when using Net Cast Forum.

Mark L. Hatfield - Host of Net Cast Podcast

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