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Mark L. Hatfield

My name is Mark L. Hatfield and I have approached this work at Net Cast with the desire to serve you with teachings from the word of God. I see each episode like a net that I cast to listeners to bring them in and help them follow Jesus. 

I have been directly involved in some form of Christian ministry for over 25 years. During these years, I have made it my aim to be a sound Bible teacher and preacher of the gospel. My real passion is working as an evangelist, but most of my devotion has been centered around local pulpit preaching and teaching.

In addition to hosting this podcast, I have been a Christian author, Bible teacher, lectureship speaker, radio host, counselor, prison chaplain, camp director, gospel meeting speaker, worship leader and served in foreign evangelism on many occasions to spread the good news about our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have also continued to make myself available for appointment preaching / teaching by invitation. 

I currently reside in Moundsville, West Virginia with my wife Sarah. She has been an angel in supporting my efforts to serve the Lord in this and other capacities. I could not commit to this work faithfully without her by my side. Together we are serving in the Lord's church with the aim of heaven as our ultimate goal. We are seeking to help as many souls as we can to join us on the journey toward our eternal home. 

Net Cast is the result of a desire to find a meaningful way to carry on my ministry work, while also having it recorded in a place where others could come and listen to what I was learning from my studies of the word of God. That is when I came up with the idea for this podcast. I hope that you are encouraged by the work that is posted on this site along with our podcast episodes. My hope is to provide audio recordings of my teaching outlines that will inspire the listeners to follow Jesus. To God be the glory!

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