Love Awakening - Studies in the Song of Songs

April - December 2020

The song of Solomon (Song of Songs) [Shir Ha shirim] is a love song that portrays images of intimacy that occur when fulfilling our God-given drive in finding a life-long companion. This song celebrates love, beauty and intimacy. We will explore the intricacies of these beautiful lyrics and discuss God's will on when it is appropriate for a couple to begin awakening love. God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would need a pure example for this extensive subject and He provided a Song with Divine lyrics to lead His people through the path unto intimacy and lasting relationships.

Dispersed & Dedicated - The Book of James

Spring 2021

Join this study of the book of James in a series that I prepared while the church was going through the pandemic called, "Dispersed & Dedicated". When the early church was persecuted and their assemblies and work were disrupted by trials, they were admonished to remain committed to God by the apostles and teachers. The book of James is a letter that was written by the brother of our Lord and was preserved for us to receive encouragement during difficult times in our service to the Lord. Even when we are dispersed, we must remain dedicated to our calling to be faithful disciples of Jesus. I hope you will join us as we explore these messages together this spring.


Thank you for the suggestion for the podcast!