Love Awakening - Studies in the Song of Songs

April - December 2020

The song of Solomon (Song of Songs) [Shir Ha shirim] is a love song that portrays images of intimacy that occur when fulfilling our God-given drive in finding a life-long companion. This song celebrates love, beauty and intimacy. We will explore the intricacies of these beautiful lyrics and discuss God's will on when it is appropriate for a couple to begin awakening love. God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would need a pure example for this extensive subject and He provided a Song with Divine lyrics to lead His people through the path unto intimacy and lasting relationships.

App-Laud (Hymn Homilies)

Spring 2021

Short sermons on hymns that will be studied verse-by-verse in order to turn psalms, hymns and spiritual song singing into "applicable praise" (App-Laud). The goal is not to fit the lyrics of these beloved hymns into the Scriptures, but to show how the lyrics proclaim the teachings of the word of God. We will explore the deeper meaning of the songs that we commonly sing in church to hopefully create a passionate worshipful attitude and a biblical understanding when we gather together to praise God. This effort will be ongoing with the intent that we can provide a useful resource for worshipers of God everywhere. 


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