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Angels of God

Have you ever wondered about the angels of God? What questions come to mind when you ponder these heavenly creatures?

Hopefully we can answer some of your deepest thoughts about these heavenly hosts in our new series, “Angels of God”, starting this coming Monday, December 16.

If you’re interested in knowing what material we will cover during this exhaustive study, consider the following list of topics that will be discussed.

-Are angels real and if so, who are the genuine angels?

-Are angels to be worshipped?

-Can we pray to angels?

-Do we have guardian angels?

-Do we become angels when we die?

-Do angels work today like they did in the Bible?

-How do angels appear before man on the earth?

-How many different types of angels exist?

-How many times does the Bible mention angels?

-Is it still possible that we can encounter angels?

-Is it possible that God uses angels that we don’t see?

-How many angels exist today?

-Do we know the names/titles of the angels?

-How do the angels respond to our salvation?

-How much of our lives are impacted by angels?

-Are angels spiritual or physical beings?

-Can angels marry and procreate?

-Are there baby angels?

-When did the angels come into existence?

-Are there fallen angels and how did they fall?

-Are angels ranked and where do they compare with man?

-What role do the angels have in judgment?

-Just how strong are the angels?

-Are the hosts of heaven like an army?

-Do angels have personality (will, emotions, intellect)?

-Is there a hierarchy of angels?

-How many different ways can angels appear to man?

-How fast are the angels and do they really have wings?

-What role do the angels fulfill on earth?

-What role do the angels fulfill in heaven?

If you have ever asked any of these questions and want to know the answers, we will be turning to God‘s word to explore them all in detail. You don’t want to miss this series.

Get subscribed to the podcast and ready yourself for Season 2.

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