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Getting Back To Our Spiritual Roots - Lesson 7

In this episode we will take a journey back to our spiritual roots to examine our growth in Christ.

Join us as we consider applicable questions that will urge you to provide honest answers and make forward progress in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, becoming more deeply rooted in Him.

We will examine not only our personal faith in Christ, but also how it applies to the local church that we attend.

If you are not in Christ or a part of a local church, we will explain the importance of getting started today.

In this episode, we also share more information on the next series that we will offer on the podcast. We will be looking at "The Angels of God". You won't want to miss this exhaustive study on these heavenly creatures.

Have a listen to the podcast and send us your feedback and ideas for future episodes. We would love to hear from you.

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