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Kickstarting a project like a podcast can be quite an investment up front. It’s very worthwhile and rewarding, but the time and money required can be daunting and serves as a hindrance in providing the very best to your fans. I know, we all have to start somewhere. I am grateful that I have been able to host this podcast and share the word of God with you.

Some of the greatest rewards that I get from fans are positive feedback, reviews, and interactions on social media. I have so many big plans for Net Cast and you can provide the resources to make them a reality.

We have 3 clear cut goals on that also describe four different tier levels and the benefits that you receive for joining us as a patron.

For a limited time we are offering a 56 page PDF of the premier series, “Rooted in Christ” to all patrons, before the final episodes are uploaded. This gives you an advanced look at the material and allows you to own the series for your personal studies.

You can also access the support page here:

No gift is too small. Start with $1. Everything adds up and I am looking for partners and sponsors that enjoy, stand for and want to back my efforts to teach God’s word.

If you are saying to yourself that finances are tight and you can‘t make a monthly monetary commitment. No problem. You can actually help in three other ways.

1. Listen and love the podcast (be the first to write a review)

2. Get connected with us on social media and subscribe, follow, like, comment, and share our posts. 3. Tell your friends, co-workers, etc. about Net Cast. You can provide us with opportunities to spread the gospel by a simple referral.

Thank you all in advance for whatever support you can offer. I’m optimistic about the future of Net Cast and I appreciate all of the ways that you have encouraged and supported me already.

God bless you richly in Jesus Christ our Lord.


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