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Love Awakening Coming Soon

We are going to be launching Season 4 soon with a study of the Song of Songs.

I want to share the blessing of this study material in hopes that it will not only help you understand intimacy and human desire, but to enrich true love and the enjoyment of pleasure in marital relationships between a man and a woman on the earth. In addition, I hope it will also awaken your love for the Creator that gave us all of these blessings in this life, as a token of His love. My prayer is that you will make the Lord your first love and then learn to base all of your decisions to love on the wisdom that He gave to us in His divine revelation. This material was designed for those that are eager to learn the wisdom of God for the intimacy that is to be share between a husband and a wife once they have entered into a covenant relationship before God in marriage. While most of the material in the episodes will be viewed from the perspective of the couple in our Song, we will do our best to make each lesson applicable to life, to allow you to benefit personally from each session.

Take note, this study of the Song of Songs can also be helpful to those that are single, contemplating marriage, are engaged to be married, or even those that are married and have been together for many years. In relationships we need to know when love should be awakened. After we have the right to awaken love, do we allow love to slumber at times and even take a long nap and need an alarm clock to wake us back up again?

This material will get you up and back to a level of love that maybe you have never experienced before with your spouse. Even if you struggle with sexual addictions, you can also benefit from this study by learning how to refrain from any sexual act that would violate the will of God outside of marriage, while gaining an understanding of how to funnel those desires through prayer and devotion to God.

God's revelation through the lyrics of this Song, speak to the innermost part of every man and woman, as we are designed to love. This book of the Bible and what we learn from its pages, will heighten lovemaking for those in holy matrimony and at the same time will educate, yet keep in check, the feelings of those individuals that are single, or couples that are courting, but have yet to make vows in marriage.

I have personally taught this material with the churches where I have served, but I wanted to make these studies and insights more readily available online to further the ministry into your home, school, churches, Bible studies etc.

I look forward to hearing how these studies have blessed you.

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