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Podcast Pause

I wanted to take a moment to send a note to all my listeners. Some of you may have noticed that it has been over a month since I submitted any content for the podcast. There is a perfectly good explanation for this lack of new episodes.

Recently, I started to lose my vocal range and my voice was weak. I went to an ENT doctor and found out that I have vocal nodules. This is due to excessive use or in some cases misuse of my voice in speaking, singing, or preaching.

I am currently on vocal rest and have a follow-up appointment at the end of the month to hopefully find out if I made any progress in recovery. I have been through a series of steroids that are supposed to help.

Admittedly, I have not done a perfect job on vocal rest between work and personal functions, but I hope to make a full recovery and get back to sharing God's word with you, Lord willing. Your prayers are appreciated.



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