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This week, I received a notification that we have our first patron at

In keeping with our goals and in taking a step of faith, I made one of the first updates to improve the sound quality in the studio. I have installed acoustic tiles by Mybecca to help with soundproofing. There are twenty-four 12x12 foam tiles, that cover two walls of my current studio room. What a difference these have made already. I can't wait to record the next episode this coming Thursday, November 7th, called, "The Symbolism of Being Rooted". Join us for this 5th lesson in the series on being, "Rooted in Christ".

While I was installing the tiles, I started thinking about how we are building this podcast one piece at a time with your help. I took photos of the project and made a video that I want to share with you. This has been shared on all of our social media sites as well.

Will you be our next patron in helping us complete the first goal? Go check out the giving tiers on the support page. Read our goals and see what you can do to make them come to life. We have an option for everyone there. You can also customize your gift.

I thought you all would enjoy seeing this new addition. Let us know what you think.

Thanks for all that you do to make Net Cast grow and reach more people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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