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Join us each week for the podcast and participate in our trivia question. You can reply in multiple formats. If you answer correctly, you can be featured on our next podcast episode.

1. VOICE & TEXT - Click "TRIVIA" in the main menu and record your answer

2. VOICE - Visit and send a voice message

3. EMAIL - You can send an email to

4. CONTACT - Click "CONTACT" in the main menu and send your answer.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA - Leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

One lucky winner will be featured on our next episode.

The question for this week is, " What were the names of the four women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus that had children to fulfill the seed promise made to Abraham?

Hurry and send your answer, as we are only a few days away from recording the next episode in our series, "Rooted in Christ"

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