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Psalms of Life - Season 6

Hello everyone! Season's Greetings.

Thank you for your continued support and listenership of Net Cast podcast.

I am excited to announce that in January 2022 we will be starting season 6 with a study series called, "Psalms of Life".

How many times have you read the psalms as a spiritual exercise or only as if you were reading historical poetry? What if I told you that in each psalm there are countless life application lessons for even the modern day reader. Did you know that Jesus said that there were truths written about Him in the book of Psalms that must be fulfilled? Did you know that several of the psalms give us insight into the back story that can be found in other places in Scripture so that we can get a fuller picture of the event occurring that led the psalmist to write down the lyrics to these songs of Israel's praise?

I hope you will join me in this next season as we explore the hymn book of Israel.

Signing off until 2022. Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

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